Iperf test on SMB Multichannel vs Bonded Interface


after seeing your DSM7.2 video intro on SBMv3 Multichannel I switched my 920+ to Multichannel from a Bond connection and did the following test.

NAS 920+ running:

  • Ubuntu VM with iperf3 in server mode
  • Docker running iperf3 in server mode
  • Surveillance Station streaming 3 IP Cam to a remote disk on a second NAS (1MB/s in, 1MB/s out)

You can not run 2 iperf servers from the same VM or 2 different iperf Docker because they will share the same Ethernet connection. But you could start 2 VM with each its own iperf server.

Mac1 iperf client to VM/iperf
Mac2 iperf client to Docker/iperf


SMBv3 Multichannel

  • LAN1 = 1MB/s in, 1MB/s out, (from the IP cam)
  • LAN2 = top at 120MB/s when both iperf were running at the same time
    Both iperf were fighting on the network each between 200Mbps and 600Mbps

Bond Interface Balance-SLB

  • Combined LAN = peak at 240MB/s when both iperf and Surveillance station running
    Both iperf were at 900Mbps

I reconfigure the SMB3 Multichannel and stop the IP Cam.
But was never able to get both iperf using the full 900Mbps bandwidth, it should have use both NAS Lan to get there. But it is not. Did not tried to change the SMB options.

My conclusion, Bond interface works better and easier if you have only a 1Gbps network and muliple port on your NAS. There is certainly network configuration where Multichannel provide more performance. Not sure which one, I saw your post trying the 2,5GbE.