Mirrored off-site NAS - would Lightroom catalog see it as the same NAS without needing to re-find all the folders?

Hi all,
I need to be able to edit photos from the office, as well as when at home over the weekend. I have a DS1522+ at home and would like to get another identical NAS at work and set them up to mirror each other so any files updated on one will sync to the other over the internet. This would serve as an offsite backup, as well as allowing me to edit wherever I am located.

I’m aware that there are ways to set the NAS’s up to synch to each other, but once they are mirrored would my Lightroom catalog see the NAS at home as the same as the NAS at work? Or would I need to point Lightroom to the correct folder each time I want to edit files on the different NAS?

Thanks for any insight,