Subnet vs IP and how do I change them?

I’ve watched several of the YT videos and searched on the forum. I cannot seem to find what I am looking for on either.

In the video about 5 mistakes, it mentions changing your subnet so you won’t have issues while trying to connect from other networks. Which leads to my next issue…

I thought the subnet was, etc… and the IP is the

So which one should I change and where do I make those changes?
Control Panel>Network>General
Control Panel>Network>Network Interface

Is this the same as setting up a static IP address and changing your router settings to not give away your IP address?

I appreciate any help!

not sure what video told you to do that but it’s nonsense. on a 192.168.X.X is larger than the entire class C private IP address range! is probably all you need for local connectivity as long as you’re using all 192.168.0.X IPs. The great news is most home routers use that by default so you’re set.

If you’re on an external network you need to go a different route to connect to your NAS.

None of that “hides your IP”.

Okay so I have spent the past 2.5 hours learning a little bit more of what I’m talking about.

I was confused with subnet vs subnet mask. The numbers I entered above were more for reference of what I was confused about.

This is the video that Will mentions not using the subnet so that if you are remotely accessing your files, there would not be any confusion of the local network and the subnet of your NAS. Time stamp was around 2:30 in that video.

The entire purpose of my NAS is going to be for remote access of information that does not have to be super secure. It is more of a reference library and will be shared with several people. If I should be looking at setting it up a specific way, I would appreciate some guidance.

I’m gonna stick to what I originally said. 192.168.0.X and 192.168.1.X are the most common home IP allocations. Business IT Admins know this and will specifically avoid those networks to prevent the conflicts Will mentions in his video. I do not recommend changing these IPs or you could cause other problems.

Synology offers Quickconnect. I think that’s what you wanna look into for your use case. It’s easy to setup and you don’t have to worry about anyone having VPN access to your home network (really bad idea).

I appreciate your feedback! I tend to overthink things and do not want to create more work for myself down the road. I will set it up very basic so as not to complicate things. Thanks again for your input!

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