Sync/Compare Package for files / folders in DSM

Is there a good\Usable Sync\Compare Package that can compare 2 folders and sync them?

Currently Im using Beyond Compare on my Mac. Works well, but would prefer that it suns on DSM and not on my Mac itself?

If you’re willing to use the command line via ssh, rsync is included in the DSM distro. rsync is a very powerful and potentially dangerous network copy utility. Very much a “here there be dragons” swiss army knife.

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rsync is absolutely awesome. It is probably one of the commands that I use the most, it just lets you copy over anything you need really easily! The limiting factors with rsync would be:

  • It’s CLI only, so reading diffs is going to be really hard even for someone who knows what they are doing
  • It’s only one way (for the most part)

But I really do not know of a better option. Personal I would say that @Ianduplessis probably should just stick with beyond compare on his computer. It’s pretty much the best diff / merge tool with a UI out there. I still use it all the time