Synology and Mac Finder

Why has the Mac such difficulties to interact with the Synology Network? The easiest tasks do fail with the Mac Finder.

E.g. it is not possible to search for a file on my Synology Drive. If I go to a folder on Synology Drive and type in the search phrase in the Finder and choose the folder where I want to search for…the Finder doesn’t find anything, even there is a file comprising the search phrase in its filename.

With Windows this is no issue at all. Generally I have the feeling, that Windows is the better choice if it comes to network integration. I am thinking about switching to Windows because of this stupid behavior of the Mac.

Was curious about this so I tried to search. It’s not the same as a Windows machine but it does work quite fine. In Finder (also logged into the Synology) I typed part of the document name in the search pane and nothing. Then, just over the files I saw "Search: This Mac “Home” Network

I clicked Network and found the document right away. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your response. It doesn’t work when the file is not locally stored on the computer (cloud icon). Yes, searching in ntework does work.