Synology Drive via OpenVPN: Invalid Certificate

Hello there,

My first message on Spacerex!

I have followed the updated video about the OpenVPN setup on a Synology NAS. And two questions are coming to my mind, if anyone has any expertise to share (here the video)

  1. I used to access my Synology DSM and services (Drive, Photo) via DDNS, Port forwarding, and a firewall configuration. To access them, I simply used the subdomain provided by the DDNS service. After my OpenVPN configuration, I must now use the “” subnet IP address to access them while logged on to OpenVPN. Is it correct?

  2. This morning, while looking at my photos and videos on Synology Photos, I received a dialog message from the app letting me know that I couldn’t play the video in HTTPS due to an invalid certificate and that I must enable the “Play through HTTP” for me to be able to see that video. Is there a way to make that SSL certificate valid while connecting to my NAS via OpenVPN from end to end?

Furthermore, is it still safe to play content via HTTP using OpenVPN?

I hope to be clear enough. Thank you for your feedback.