USB Copy - Not always 100% consistent

I use the USB copy application in Synology with an external HD to backup data. I have 5 out of 6 backup settings that are small folders with a couple of documents, I have no issues with the data transfer. I am NOT having the same success rate with 1 folder with many sub-folders and hundred of thousands of documents, USB copy app states “Successful - Last Execution Succeeded” however when clicking RUN again it keeps copying files which seems that the backup was not completed at 100%. Any help on the topic is appreciated.

What is the hard drive formatted to? I only really trust synology with ExFAT or EXT4

Thank you for your answer, I checked the format, it is EXT3/EXT4, I will format the HD in ExFAT to see if it works. An will post the results once all done. Thanks.

Update: the external HD has been formated in ExFAT, also I have installed the “ExFAT Access” application on the Synology. Synology is seeing the HD in ExFAT, started backups. More to come regarding transfer results.

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Same results using ExFAT, the backup states successful but when clicking run again it copies documents for 3-4 hours, then I get successful again, click run and there are still files being copied. Maybe after many iterations it will work (?). I really don’t understand the logic behind this issue.