Using Synology NAS for remote video collaboration

I am looking to start a discussion around how a Synology NAS can be used for remote video editing and collaboration. Currently I am testing Team Folders with using Drive to share remotely video content and Final Cut Pro X project files to my Synology NAS at my home. My two servers are linked together and have different subnets using RT2600ac routers. I first transfer raw video files and use proxies once the raw files are sent and from that point on use only proxies.

Looking for other ideals for video co;;adoration and editing with a Synology NAS.

Thanks, from Taipei, Taiwan, 20 minutes from Synology main office!

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This is a great topic! Constantly something I am setting up, and trying to figure out the best way! There are bunches based on the exact use case and who you are sharing with.

This setup:

tends to be what I recommend to people first! But depending on the distance between editors this might not work great.

What I have also used is Cloud Sync up to dropbox back to another NAS. Can be a large pain to setup, but has the advantage of multi threaded uploads, plus works better than drive if users are far geographically from each other.

Another overlooked one is just Synology Drive Client for windows / Mac. You can just have your remote editors sync only the footage they need to their computer!

Thanks, Will!

Currently, We are testing from three locations. One location is 25 Km from my office, and the other is in England. A Team folder is created to keep the FCPX project file and RAW video and audio files. Each editor is ONLY allowed to work between set GMT times. All three editors edit on their own Synology NAS. It doesn’t take long for our files to transfer. All files are 4K or less. When one editor makes an edit, updates are sent immediately to the other editor’s NAS. We are just testing with a FCPX project file that is only 2GB. So far so good!