Warning of critical health state


Running a two bays 220j. It was running a 60k thumbnail creation for days and has shown orange lights twice, and a critical health warning for both disks after 4 days on task. I rebooted many times… health status show healtly again everytime. The system is a few months old with Ironwolf disks on it. Managing files, using lightroom and running synology photos have been easy but now I’m really scared of losing everything.

  • Has anybody heard of thumbnail service problems? Consequences of long periods of generating thumbnails?
  • Can Lots of file transfers damage new disks to that point?
  • Are there precise symptoms I should look for?

Perhaps it is a temperature issue. Have you monitored the temperature from Storage Manager? Is there anything in the logs, in particular the Drive log (In Log Center, open Drive Log)?

Seems to be as you say!

  • no worrying event in the log, including drives log
  • health state continue showing green and ok
  • have paused thumbnail service and all is running well
  • temperature stable at 34-35 celsius / 91-85 Fahrenheit

Thanks Paul!

Here is another ticket about the same problem: DS220j goes critical when generating thumbnails : synology

Anybody aware of that issue?

So I understand thumbnail services demands too much for too long and that triggers alert. I’ve put the fan to maximum speed for now. Will proceed to backup, and will schedule thumbnailing services. Any advice, considering I’ve added many raw photo files?

I would add images in smaller badges in the future.

I suspect there is a software/hardware discrepancy. I assume creating thumbnails from JPEG is much easier on resources compared to raw files. In other words, both the amount (60K) and file type (raw) are to heavy load for the processing power of the DS220j.