What software runs that forum?

Hi there,
I wonder what software is used to run this forum. I like this whole dsign und the funktionallity!

Excuse my poor english,
greetings from Germany!


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its super easy to run, its called discourse!

I was able to get mine up and running in like 2/3 hours and its really easy to manage! Plus free and open source!


Can this be installed on a Synology? Or on hosted webserver?

I spun this up on a AWS instance. The way it works is you really want a full ubuntu VM for it, rather than a docker container. That being said you easily could do it on Synology with a VM.

I probably would just spin up a $5 AWS light-sail instance and use that so you have a public IP

Might be a bit overkill for my purposes…
And Linux not my forte…
Anyway thanks again

I don’t see a free version on the Discourse site. I must be missing it.

They do not have a free version where they host it, instead you can just self host it (which is what I did on an AWS instance)

Here is a link to the install guide that they publish. All you really need is three things:

  1. a mail server of some kind
  2. a linux VM with ideally 2 gigs of ram, and port 80 and 443 open to the web
  3. a domain name pointed to the public IP of your VM

So far I have had zero trouble settings this up and running it! The backup and fail over works really easily as well

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