10GB connection lost when wifi turned on - Mac

I have a 1521 with the 10GB card connected to my MPB through an OWC Thunderbolt Pro dock which has a 10GB port. That is plugged into a Netgear GS110MX switch, as is the 1521. I have set up a static IP address but it’s in the same 192.168.x.x group as everything else. I only see the one connection to the NAS through the switch. I don’t see the OWC dock. Is this as simple as changing it to something like 192.168.2.x. I have no networking depth of knowledge. All I know is if I turn WIFI on (Apples weather widget requires that for exact location) the NAS switches to WIFI speeds at some point. Trying to keep it on the hardwired side. Thanks in advance.

I guess that’s not it. It did connect but I couldn’t log back in with the 192.168.2.x as the network couldn’t find it. I am a newbie in this space.


Perhaps you need to set your preferred NIC to Ethernet. These directions might work… I don’t own a Mac so have no way to confirm.