20TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro Drive Use?

I’m going to acquire two RS2423+ (12 bay rack mount) Synologys and would like to populate with 20TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro drives. Of course, they’re not on the Synology compatiability list - any recommendation or real-world experience with the 20TB versions? Thansk in advance.

Is the extra 2TB/drive worth that risk? If it is, why not add an RX1223RP instead, use the supported 18TB drives and mitigate the risk vs potential lost time if something goes sideways? At these levels it doesn’t seem cost would be a hugely significant factor.

Synology has made it clear that their newer Enterprise grade NASs will not be compatible with non-Synology drives. You need to confirm with Synology Support that this NAS is not in that catagory. Just submit a ticket and wait 24 hours.

I ended with a RS2423RP+ at my main site and a RS2423+ at my secondary site. I used 10 of Synology’s 18Tb drives, Synology’s 32G memory and Synology’s SSD for read-write cache on both devices. There’s a fiber connection between sites and I’m using 10G SFP+ network ports. Expensive but an outstanding configuration!