2xSSD 8TB instead HDDs in DS220+


I’m thinking if I can change 2x8TB Ironwolf Pro to 2xSeagate SSD 8TB 2,5" drives in DS220+.

What about “compatibility” of Synology using SSD drives as storage, not cache solution?

Let’s say that access time (System/Photos) will be faster and there will be quiet operation (no HDD headseeaking noises).

[I have different second NAS with 4xHDD as storage solution]

We use the DS220+ as preferred plattform for rotating off-site backups and can share some insights in this plattform. It is a very nice power-efficent plattform for non-demanding setups.

  1. With the DS220+ the throughput ceiling for network traffic is around 1Gbit/s (=125 Mbyte/s). Link aggregation of the 2 network connections does not provide significant network performance and neither does SMB multichannel.

  2. The plattform freezes if you run too much stuff - especially if you have apps the require syncing (CloudSynce, ActiveBackup, CloudSync, Hyperbackup, Snapshot replication, Docker, VMM). Per default we do not run more than 1 of the above roles.

  3. I think to recall that the object recognition feature in Photostation is reactivated in DSM7.2 but only if the system has >4GB of RAM.

  4. You can easily install additional RAM (8GB @ 50USD). So before installing expensive SSD try if performance improves with more RAM. Check the system monitor - if you see low network load, low disk throughput but some “CPU IO Waits” than the bottle neck is the clockspeed of the bus (data highway connecting all components on the motherboard).No further improvement possible.

  5. SSD with 8TB won’t come cheap. I think at this point you are close to a break even point with buying a beefier DS1522+ with the old disk plus additional 2* 1TB NVME as meta data cache.

  6. Photostation will be also limited by the bandwidth of the display device - TVs with Wifi won’t even saturate your current setup. So investment in SSD does not improve the experience of Photostation