923+ doesn’t have access to other devices on my LAN

Hello! I have a strange problem with my new DS923+ I just bought. I also have DS213j which doesn’t have this problem.
I can’t use services which require connection to other devices on my LAN. For example remote folder mounting. To test it I just used FTP to connect to the remote share. I can use old NAS to connect to the new one but I get error “Unable to connect to server. Please ensure the information entered is correct and check (as applicable) your Internet, firewall, and proxy settings.” if I use new NAS to connect to the old one.
Also I have the problem with Reverse Proxy. I can use RP on my old NAS to point to the new one but running RP on the new NAS gives me an error “Sorry, the page you are looking for is not found”.
Maybe it is because of the more strict security in DSM 7?

Can yoube more specific? Does devices mean PCs and MACs?

It doesn’t see my old ds213j NAS, but this ds213j sees new ds923+.
I can’t mount remote folder, can’t use reverse proxy on the new NAS but can do all that on the old NAS

DS213j uses an older unsupported version of DSM (v6.2) and 923 is DSM 7. It’s possible that therein lies your problem. You’ve activated file sharing (SMB) on the new NAS right? This should otherwise work. This might be better resolved by submitting a ticket to Synology.

It’s interesting that old unsupported dsm works while new one doesn’t.
I can access new NAS and old NAS via ftp and smb from my desktop, laptop and iPad without a problem but ds923 can’t access my old NAS.
I already submitted a ticket two weeks ago and synology replied that they can’t help me because they don’t offer support and warranty in my country.
I used exactly the same settings on old and new NAS - for simplicity I used ftp and for reverse proxy I used exactly the same settings except IP addresses.
Very strange problem indeed.

I don’t think full backward compatibility is always a priority for Synology when designing a newer DSM OS. This appears to be a new trend for most software companies. They rather not spend the time on backward compatibility in favor of your buying upgrades instead.

If you implement Synology Dirctory Server on your new NAS and join the old NAS to the directory you can solve the problem. However, it will take a lot of effort to set the whole thing up.

I still can’t put my finger what the issue is, maybe it’s tightened security in dsm 7, official synology forum was of no help(. New NAS has access to the internet but not to other devices on my LAN. Maybe it’s possible to diagnose the issue if I connect via ssh and look for the privileges to access devices on lan? Can you steer me in the right direction?

It could be on your router’s firewall. Is it on a switch with ACL enabled? Have you checked the DS923 firewall settings? Check to see if you have the same ports are opened as your DS213 in your router’s port forwarding rules. If you set it up exactly the same way then exactly the same ports will be open. If not, it might give you a clue.

Sounds like you configure everything from the start to mirror your DS213j’s setup and you didn’t add and test things sequentially. I would simplify the setup. Undo all the changes you made. Set it up in a more basic way and get things working without the extra configurations and packages. Then configure reverse proxy and test that it works then add one change at a time and test. If it isn’t a firewall issue then the problem is at the DS923. If you try to figure it out in its current configuration you will never find the problem because it could be due to a combination of things.

Firewall is disabled on both NAS and I already tried switching it off on the router, it didn’t change anything - still have no access to the devices on the lan on the new NAS. So strange

Assuming that you haven’t transferred a lot files to the DS923, I think your best option is to do a full system reset to default settings and test basic network connectivty between devices before doing any advanced configurations.

But before you do a reset, if you can, it is worth it to SSH into your router using something like PuTTY and do a capture and review it on Wireshark to see what’s happening. I think the problem is communication between your router and the DS923 because, as you say, no device on your LAN is accessable from your new NAS.

So I checked ping on old and new NAS. Pinging new NAS from the old works but pinging old NAS from the new gives “Destination Host Unreachable” error. The same is with pinging my router - works on the old NAS but shows “Destination Host Unreachable” error.
At this point I’m willing to start from scratch.
Installing tcpdump on my router is not trivial so should I do it, do you think it could give me some insight?

To have communication in one direction only makes me think that the DS923 has been configured incorrectly. It’s not likely a firewall issue. Every other device (DS213j/router/etc.) can’t be firewalling your DS923. My conclusion is that it’s a config problem at the DS923. I think at this point it makes the most sense to reset the NAS to default setting and bring your changes on-line one at a time and test your changes as you go. As you make progress back-up your configs so if you run into a problem that you can’t undo, you can restore your DS923 to a previous config that was working.

Are you using a managed switch?

Did you give both LANs Static IPs, and currently do not have a network cable attached to one of the LANs ??

Yes they both have static ip and are connected.
You wouldn’t believe what happened.
I had new 2x16Gb ram modules delivered (923 had stock 4Gb when having this issue).
I was about to reinstall whole dsm but I wanted to try new ram. First it was recognized as 16 instead of 32, so I switched modules around and it was successfully recognized as 32Gb.
Out of curiosity I checked the ping to the old NAS and it worked!
I tried rebooting many times before upgrading ram to no avail. New ram must have triggered a rescan or something else but I no longer have this problem! Crazy!

Great !!!
I’m glad it’s now fixed… Enjoy the 923+ !!

Wow! I’m glad everything is working too. I have no idea how your problem disappeared. Upgrading RAM capacity shouldn’t make a difference. If your previous RAM module was a Synology OEM product then this makes no sense. If anything, you should have trouble from the new modules that I’m guessing aren’t a Synology product. Well, it works now so that’s good news.