ABB VM Task Config (include 1 VM or many)

Hello everyone
What’s a better practice, to choose all VM’s from a specific hypervisor and add them to 1 Task, or is it better to include 1 VM for each task?

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Hi @michel

So I normally will just add all the backups to a single task. That way you don’t forget to back one of them up or anything like that. If you have one that you need backed up a lot more or something like that then you can set it up as its own task. But just make sure everything gets backed up!

Thanks @Will
Whenever i need to restore a VM to a previous state it doesnt restore all VM’s which are under 1 task?

@michel When you restore you restore a specific VM, not a task. So you would only be restoring the single VM that you care about

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I strongly suggest to have a single job for each VM:

  • when you name the task individually you get notification mails, backup reports and error logs that are much easier to read. This allows for more streamlined and trouble shooting.


  • AFAIK you can not tell ABB to automatically start task 2 after task1 has finished. When backing up numerous systems you need to keeps an eye on how many jobs can run parallel. Setting up jobs sequentially(job #1 @ 20:00, job @ 20:10) is more complex as you should consider a time window that will allow the job to surely finish (also after big system changes as service pack installations ,…) Otherwise backup jobs might be skipped (notication mail is generated, but I think only a warning and no error is shown in the log files)

For me it has proven good practice in complex systems to really check off-if all VMs have really been backed up. (set up notification services and ABB reports (under activites → report).

Also, if possible, install VMM on the NAS with an SSD volume to test start the VMs. This is great to see if your backup actually is bootable. At least do some restore test runs, especially for bare metal restore. The restore tool works great but you need to have a bootable image for UEFI bios and different bootable image for old Non-UEFI machines. The later one is not properly explained in Synology’s KB. Better to pepare in time

@Will I think bare metal recovery might worth a video on it’s own as there is not much content on YT

“H2-VM1-MoFr-2000” for Hypervisor #2/VM#1 backups Monday-Friday @ 20:00 you will ge

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