Access VM storage externally, in a straight forward way

I’ve created a Windows 11 virtual Machine, for a specific piece software, for a group of us to access simultaneously.

My Synology DS923+ is available as storage on the network and already configured and working well.

I envisaged using the VM’s installation as the main user for our group, and assumed that once created, its’ C: drive or storage would appear in the File Station and on the network as a new folder. How wrong I was!

I can’t find any resources on how to do this. Is there anyone who knows anything about this? I’m still very new to NAS and SpaceRex videos have been a tremendous help - very grateful!

I understand that your virtual machine is hosted by VMM on the DS923+, correct? In this case add some RAM to the diskstation to improve performance of the VM.
Also install the VMM guest tool to get the virtio hdd driver instead of the initially installed IDE driver.

Wherever this machine is hosted you just need to log into this machine and share the directory (right click / properties / sharing - or similar). You can then access the share directly from the network.