Accessing the NAS over long distances

Hi everyone,

I run a small company, and we are located in Sweden. In the Philippines we have some freelance web designers sitting, and they need to access files on our NAS (Which is located in Sweden).

Initially I thought that there wouldn’t be a problem, since we are using Quickconnect, and I have opened the port on our router to give direct access. This means access in Sweden and Denmark has been really fast. But when one of the freelancers try to access it from the Philippines (10.000 km) away, then it just continues to load, and never gets to the password screen (When sharing files and folders that can be accessed behind password protection. So, as a temporary solution we are now syncing all of the work folders and files to Google Drive so they can access the files, but ideally we want to run everything through QuickConnect.

Does anyone have ideas to why it is slow and they never are able to access the files? And maybe you have ideas to ways we can make it work (I mean Google Drive for example works everywhere no matter the distance).

QuickConnect is throttled by Synology. Suggest you consider VPN alternatives.

But as he has opened ports to direct connect to the NAS aren’t relay servers bypassed? Should be as fast as over ddns.

Can the files be shared via Synology Drive to go around the problem (wouldn’t that be similar to how you do it now)?

When I access from Sweden and Denmark, I can see that it creates a direct connection instead of relaying. So I assume it will do the same from the Philippines, but I don’t know if it’s different over such long distances.

We are using Synology Drive, so it is definetely possible. I just thought that it was too much work instructing the freelancers to download Drive, then create an account, limit their access to the home folder, set up permissions, etc. But maybe that is the way to go, because then at least it is fetching changes in the background.

What about using something like Resilio? I have mine setup on my NAS as a replacement for Synology Drive. It isn’t throttled like QuickConnect is and I don’t have to stuff around with port forwarding, VPNs or (the truly easy to work with) tailscale.