Active Backup for Google Workspace

Hi all,

decided to do a Google universal backup recently. Started following the steps in, didn’t go very far though as I cannot connect to the Google Admin Console as suggested. I am asked to connect with a admin account.

Anyone knows how to proceed?

Thank you,

Do you have the admin account of the Google Workspace you attempt to back up?

Thank you for getting back to me Paul.

No I don’t. I think I am confusing my personal Google account with the account of the corresponding Google Workspace admin. I’m just a home user, not part of a company.

Should I create a seperate admin account from my personal Google account? And how would I do that?

I have not tried this but I assume that with a personal Google account, that account is the admin of your (personal) Google Workspace. Have you tried that?

I have but it just returns me to the login page (tried with different browsers). Actually they explicitly state the admin account is not a google email.

my understanding is that you are trying to use Active Backup for Google Workspace which is designed to backup a business account at Google. If you don’t have a business Google Workspace account but want to backup your personal Google account, use Cloud Sync from the Package Center to sync your Google account and than use HyperBackup on a regular basis to backup the sync copy of your Google account.

You could sync many Google account to specific directory.

That is how I proceed.

I also use Active Backup for Microsoft 365 to backup Office 365 Business acount, I did not try the Active Backup for Google Workspace, if it works like the AB for MS 365 it is backup solution on its own.


Thank you so much Ben.

I see that through Cloud Sync I can only backup my Google Drive, not my actual account (mail, calendar, contacts etc.).

Also, off topic, but do you happen to know a way to backup the Apple iCloud?

Yes that is true. AB for Office 365 does backip mail, calendar and contact… I guess that AB for Google Workspace would do de same.

Don’t know about iCloud, if it was easy, I guess Synology would have include it.