Adding pictures from phone back-up to "Shared space"

Hello Will,
I am new to synology and i just purchased a synology Ds220+. Your videos are a must and really helped me getting started. I watched them all ! Thank you so much for that !
I may have skipped something, but i couldn’t find how i can share files from my mobile backup in my “personal space” with the folder i created on my “Shared space” under all photos. Do i have to copy them there, losing space on my disk? better to move them - and will that affect my back up? what should/can i do ? Thank you so much once again !!

You would have to copy them unfortunately to shared space.

The other option would be to add them to a shared album with everyone you want access to the photos.

But what I end up doing for my setup is I will just copy the photos that I want my family to have access to, to the shared space section of the NAS

Will, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prompt reply !! You rock !!

Will i screw up my phone back up if i MOVE the pictures ? Btw, how do we restore the back-up in Photos to our phone in case we need it ?

Once again, THANK YOU !!

In my understanding, you don’t lose space, even when you copy the files if you use BTRFS as filesystem on your volume. But you have to copy the files within the DSM and not over network to benefit from this feature of BTRFS.