Adding Space with an expansion unit

Hi All!
I am nearing 80% on my RS1221+ (which syncs to a DS1817+ via Drive offsite). I am thinking of adding an expansion unit to each. My questions are around how best to execute this. I plan to move off a bunch of older photos. I think I will pause the Drive Sync on both machines and then MOVE some amount of TB’s of data over to the expansion units, and then restart Drive. Do you see any issues with this process? Does Drive have to re-sync the whole thing (80TB), or since the same data is missing on both, it won’t care. The expansions units do not need to sync since it’s older data.

I assume you use Synology Drive ShareSync (SDSS) between both NASs. I also guess that you sync from NAS A to NAS B.

I assess that when you move files on NAS A, SDSS will remove the data from NAS B (original location) and sync them again to the new location.

Hi Paul:
Thanks for your reply! So in your scenario, NAS A&B sync two directions. I plan to pause the SDSS, and then move the same folder of data off of both A&B and then resume the SDSS (about 15TB worth of stuff). Once moved, that data no longer needs to sync once it’s on the expansion units since it’s older. The remaining data will then continue syncing. I guess I am asking if this plan will work. I assume if it no longer sees a chunk of data on either A or B, then it won’t care that it’s gone. We’ll see…

I am interested in how this evolves. Please keep us posted if you will.