Adding to storage pool?

I have a 720+ with two 10tb drives. I’m starting to fill those up using SHR. I purchased a DX517 and want to add to my storage pool. I have a new an unused 4tb drive that I tried to add with no luck. Using the synology raid caclulator I thought that would be doable?? However, upon looking a liitle deeper it seems as if any further drives are to be used they need to be of equal or greater size? Is that the way it is, or am I missing something. Thanks!

So 2 things:

  1. I would not recommend creating a storage pool that goes across an expansion unit. This is because if the cable fails, or one unit looses power, you can end up with a corrupted storage pool
  2. You are correct:

    For SHR: The drive you want to add must be equal to or larger than the largest drive in the storage pool, or equal to any of the drives in the storage pool.

So what I would do is start another storage pool on the expansion unit!

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!