Advice for running fiber/cat6a to office

Hello, I’m attempting to update my home network. Especially running Fiber or Cat6A from my main networking rack in my laundry room to my office which is roughly 130ft away cable-run wise due how my home is designed. I’m unsure how it’d work, would I have the fiber or Cat6a attached via SFP+ to the 48-port switch and then on the office side, just have regular RJ45 to the switch, or SFP+ Fiber to a switch? From my understanding you can’t run Cat6a for 10gb over 30 meters with an SFP+ so I’d need a different switch if I wanted to use Cat6A to my office?

As well need a switch recommended for my office as well, that’ll support 10GB incoming from main switch in Laundry Room, 10g to my Desktop and 2 POE+1GB ports.

Also looking for your general advice on my setup and how to improve it as well. Attached is my home networking diagram. Thank you!

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So if you did want to run 10GbE to the laundry room you really have two options:

  1. Use a media converted on either side: (something like this)
    The advantage of this is the fact that you can just used regular CAT6A to do that run. Media converters can to 10GbE over CAT6A the full 100m. You would need to get a media converter on either side

  2. Run fiber with transceiver on either end

Unless you feel comfortable running fiber I would probably go with #1. Furthermore if you just need a single 10GbE run over there you could buy a single media converter and use the netgear spare switch you have (2x 10gbe) in the laundry room. Then add POE injectors or a POE switch off of that. Your connection would go:

unifi POE Pro Switch (SFP+ Port) → SFP+ DAC → 10gbe Media converter → CAT6A → netgear 10gbe port

and overall this should work well for you. The media converters do not have the limitations that SFP+ to RJ45 transceivers do so you can use them for full distances runs!

Love the setup by the way!

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I’m going to have an electrician run the fiber and following the guidelines that are online from what I’ve read. (Cant post link)

For the fiber, I’m a bit confused exactly what cable to use, the connectors and the correct SFP+. The following is what I’ve found, not sure what fiber ends/connectors to get and which Ubiquiti SFP+ to get. From what I’ve read, I should get a Single-Mode armored OC2 cable.

I can only post two links, but Ubquiti also has another SFP+ that isn’t bi-directional. Not sure of the difference.

Thanks again for the help