Advise bridge period for successor DS1522+/DS1821+

Hi Will and all,

I have no NAS at this moment, but want to go for one NOW.
I have three PC and two laptops that are on the network.

I had my eyes on the above mentioned models, but they are not 23+ versions.

What do you recommend to buy NOW to bridge the waiting time for the successor of the DS1522+/DS1821+, that I can still use as second NAS when the NEW 1522/1821 arrives?

I would go for DS1821+ just because it have 8 bays. There’s no need to fully populate all the bay but having the bay to expand when you need it really help instead of the need to get an expansion unit. Getting an expansion unit (availability is another issue) is way more expensive than the price difference between getting DS1522+ and DS1821+, and connection with an expansion unit is another point of failure.

Hi, thank you for your answer. However I do not want to buy 1522 or 1821, I want to wait for their new versions. So my question is what would you recommend for now while waiting for 1523+ (1524+) or 1823+ (1824+)?

Assuming you will populate all the bay:

If you want to get the successor of the DS1522+ in the future when they are out, go for DS1522+ or similar 5 bay for now.

If you want to get the successor of the DS1821+ in the future when they are out, go for DS1821+ or similar 8 bay for now.

Reasoning: you can much easily migrate your data using hdd migration method with 5 drive to 5 drive and 8 drive to 8 drive when you get the successor unit with way less down time.

You can go for 5bay full populate now, hdd migrate and add another 3 drive to 8bay full populate but FYI expanding storage pool takes quite a long time (hours to days) and will effect the system responsiveness during the storage pool expansion period.

If you go for 8bay full populate now then get a 5bay later, you cannot use hdd migrate and have to use other migration method (hyper backup, migration assistant and etc). Depending on size it could take days.

Either way, getting a same number of bays NAS means you don’t have to wait for the successor unit to be out before doing what you intended to do with that successor NAS in the 1st place, you can just do it now then hdd migrate later.

Hdd migration usually take less than 30min.

If you are not going to fully populate all the bay, then it depends on how much storage, function and etc do you need currently before getting the successor unit and what you are planning to do with this NAS now and in the future when you get the successor unit.

If you ain’t going to fully populate all the bay and have a good idea of what you want to do with all the empty bay be it for standby and etc, then there’s no reason to specifically wait for those successor unit IMHO. The 2 unit DS1522+ and DS1821+ can easily last for more than 6 to 8 years depending on the use of the NAS before being too significantly slow to get anything done. From my experience with synology NAS, any 20 series and above are usually good enough for most home user/SME use case.