Any luck with ABB USB rescue media?

Hi everyone, I’m out of luck with ABB.

I created the USB stick and my main PC can boot on that USB but , there’s no network driver that is detected. I followed a tutorial so that I can add the inf file but it’s not working.

My main laptop, a Lenovo ideapad , that one doesn’t even boot on the USB.

So, am I the only one who has a lot of problem with the media creation ?

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

What OS is your Lenovo running (Win 10, Win 7, Ubuntu, etc.) and how are you connecting your Lenovo to your network (ethernet or wifi)? I had the same trouble when trying to rescue one of my laptops.

Windows 11, I saw that uefi is enabled by default also secure boot.

I will use a usbc 2.5 network adapter. But since I cannot boot , it’s not yet my main problem :slight_smile:

You need to disable secure boot before you try to boot from the usb. Also, do not use wifi to connect to your LAN when doing a recovery. Use a hardwired ethernet connection instead. Windows rescue media creator uses Windows PE and will contain default drivers. Rescue media creator does not copy the drivers from the laptop. If you have different drivers than PE has there is a manual procedure to load your laptop’s drivers onto the usb stick when creating rescue media. That can be found here