APC ES 700 connection


A UPS APC ES 700 was given to me, it was a spare from a lab.
Missing though is the RJ45 to USB cable to link the UPS to my Synology.

Original cable seems to be unavailable. Would any cable RJ45 to USB from Amazon or the like do?


I think so as I usually just grab a cable out of my toolbox. So far never had an issue.
Ans since these cables are cheap just try.

As you might know you can use the Synology NAS as UPS sever with Mac/Windows/Linux machines as clients. So the UPS can forward the status information to the clients which then can shut down

You can find more information here:
Network UPS Tools - Welcome
Reddit - use_synology_nas_as_ups_server

  • Add the client IP (Mac/Windows/Linux machines) to the IP list in Synology
  • install the NUT client on the target machine with the NAS as Server