App for moving data from external hard drives to NAS

I need to migrate large amounts of data from external hard drives into my NAS. Is there an app you’d recommend for this transfer rather than just drag and drop? I’ve used “USB Copy” for smaller transfers but don’t like it’s interface for seeing transfers. I’d prefer something with more details as to the transfer that’s happening.

If you attach it to your NAS via USB can’t you just use the Synology file manager to copy everything over? Assuming the drive is formatted correctly.

Yes perhaps this is the easiest way, simple drag and drop? I was just curious if there was a way others achieved this with regards to data transfering accurately without errors etc

I use Goodsync, and when I just copy files between my computers or just folders I love Teracopy (free). Teracopy is fast and you can watch what is going on (Trust is good, control is better).

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