Apple photos import to Synology photos - best way?

I fear I am missing something obvious….
I’ve watched Will’s videos for setting up synology photos (and Will’s other videos for setting up a synology NAS) and have got current photos syncing nicely from iphone to SynPhotos, yay.
But now I want to export all photos from my Apple photos to SynPhotos and have tried different ways of doing it.
I was hoping that I could just export photos from Apple photos and I would get the:

  • date taken
  • key words (that translate to SynPhotos Tags)
  • description
  • geolocation
  • people identification.

I’ve tried exporting from Apple photos (to a folder on my desktop) as:
— Export > Export photos
— Export > Export unmodified originals
… then copying/importing to SynPhotos - as an Admin - via:
— Finder
— DSM.

But I get a mixture of:

  • not the ‘date taken’ date but the ‘copied’ date
  • no key words/tags
  • no description
  • it’s hit and miss if I get people identification.

I am only using 4 photos to see how to do it before I embark on importing the 19 Gb library that I have.

Am I expecting too much?
Do I just need to import into SynPhotos then add all the metadata myself? Aaaah…
Any help appreciated.
Thank you