Apply authorizaition shared space Synology Photo to folder via SMB

Something that seems logical is apparently anything but. Namely, I would like the authorizations I apply in Synology Photos for the shared space also to be applied when accessing the shared folder via SMB. I block the one user of a folder in the shared folder in Synology Photo. The user has no access to this folder in Synolgy Photo. However, if the user goes to the NAS in his Windows explorer (network locations) then this folder is still accessible, as well as the photos in it. How do I prevent this?

In general, you should not change the default permissions of the shared folder /photo that Synology Photos uses for Shared Space. Synology Photos controls all permissions.
By default, only members of the administrators group have access to the /photo shared folder.
Permissions you assign in Synology Photos are not applied as shared folder permissions. The idea is that users, except for administrators, do not access the /photo folder via SMB or File Station.

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