Are there any overview videos Synology CMS (Central Management System)

I accidentally discovered this cool application on NAS. Surprising that is completely free. There a CMS service to manage multiple NASs.

I did a quick search on Will’s channel but couldn’t find any related videos. If you don’t have one would be a great topic.

I have have two NASs setup and jump through a few hoops to get the logs centralized but this CMS looks very interesting. Has any one used? May be a bit over kill for just two devices…

It’s very easy to setup and not overkill. I use it to manage my client’s as you can do updates, health check at a glance, login to the NAS and heaps more. If you’ve a site to site VPN the setup will be different to if you don’t. As I use it for clients, all I need when adding a Synology to CMS is the QuickConnect ID and an Admin User/Pass and done.