Are you for hire review my system specs and settings?

Editing video in PremierePro.

When first starting up , the media linked to clips and the timeline can take a very long time to link up properly with Premiere waiting to “find it” again. After a while the timeline can be more responsive as the media is loaded into it’s SSD drive buffer. When I watch and read the positive reviews of editing on a Synology NAS (including some fellow editor who have already done this) nothing seems to imply that there’s a general lag one has to contend with.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on Synology drives or NAS systems. I did my research, chose this system system and loaded it with a 10gb card, new ethernet Cat 7 cables, added extra internal SSD cards for buffering the most frequent media, and raiding the drives as per Synology’s recommendations and carefully setting everything up the way many Youtube how-to videos recommend I do so (espcially yours).

I’m editing on MacPro 2019 Intel systems with generous specs (3.2 Ghz 16 core Xeon W with a 32gig AMD Radeon Pro Vega II card, 96gig of DDR4 RAM, 10gb ethernet port)The only other computer on the network is our animator who shares the same project and files. She has been feeling her RAM previews have been slower than usual as well. (She has the exact same Mac setup as I do)

Overall, the Synology has been a terrific workflow improvement in our office and we are happy with the purchase. But at times it’s pretty sluggish getting that media to respond. I now have a habit of opening a project and then a timeline and getting a coffee while I wait for the timeline to “wake up”. Not something I had to do with stand-alone drives. And I’m editing with low-rez proxies(!).

I just have to wonder if I have optimized my NAS’s settings to the most optimal set for video files. I even find just general file maintenance to be very slow and sluggish. If I try to move (not copy) a few hundred files from one folder within the NAS itself to another it can take an incredibly long time to complete the operation.

I often wish I could get a Synology expert to just review everything I’ve done, all the settings, cables, cards, drives & such, and make sure I’ve done it the right way. I’d be thrilled to have someone say “Oh, I see the issue…you’ve got this setting wrong it should be this.” and suddenly everything is super fast & responsive.

Are you that person?