Backing up multiple macs to Synology NAS 2023

I would like to see an up to date video on best practices to back up multiple MacOS computers to a Synology NAS.
Time machine, active backup … ?

Helping in our church, find a reliable back up solution for their 15+ Mac books & Mac minis. I see lots of different videos on how to back up A Mac to a Synology NAS, a few Macs to the Synology but there’s lots of different conflicting ways to do it.

Thank you for such a knowledgeable and informative resource!

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So for me I have not been using active backup for business, but instead Time Machine.

ABB really just is not there yet in my opinion. Instead I always just setup a different shared folder for each Mac, then give it a quota of ~1.5/2x the size of the Mac’s hard drive

I used TimeMachine on Synology to backup our home MACs (2 desktops and 2 laptops). It worked fine most of of the time but I would occasionally notice problems with failed backups for no apparent reason. I didn’t exceed the shared folder quotas and there were no changes to the NAS, network config or the MACs. I’ve found Active Backup for Business to be rock solid on Windows devices and immediately switched away from TM after a few days of testing. I’ve been 100% trouble free and confident enough to delete my old TM shared folders. Granted, I’m talking about 4 Macs on a home network so higher volumes in a business setting may not be fully baked as SpaceRex suggests. You could always try a few test cases on both TM and AB4B and see how it goes.
By the way, I still use Carbon Copy Cloner and a cheap USB external drive on the MAC desktops as another backup layer. It’s inexpensive software and has worked great for many years.

Thank you Will and OldRoddy.
My hardware finally came in yesterday,
(A DS1522+, 5 10Tb iron wolfs and a 10g Card)
Now the fun begins.
I appreciate all your input.

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With the latest version, do you still need to reduce Apple Silicon Macs security to enable the kernel extensions?

It’s the only thing holding me back from trying it.

Love the Windows version but still just using TM and CCC.