Backup my entire NAS

I have three Synology NAS units, two in the office and one at home.

In the office, one NAS is running as an SFTP server to allow customers to send order files. The second NAS is used purely as an onsite backup destination. Active Backup for Business backs up the first NAS and the PCs in the office. I also back up my Microsoft 365 data to this NAS.

My third NAS is installed at home and I want to use it as an offisite backup of the second NAS drive in the office. Should I use Active Backup for Business to do a complete backup of the NAS in the office or is Hyper Backup the better option?

The purpose of the offiste backup is to restore the full NAS if it fails or is lost. That’s why I’m thinking Active Backup for Business is the better option as it allows me to backup an entire Synology NAS.

We’re not using the NAS drives as file servers as we’re using OneDrive and Sharepoint for that. No one logs into the NAS drives other than me, the SFTP users and a file detection program to pickup the files and import them into my order system.

I’ve looked online and I’m unsure of the pros and cons of Active backup for Business and Hyper Backup and which is the best option for my scenario.

Just curious, what do you use to backup your M365 tenancy including OneDrive and Sharepoint?

Synology’s Active Backup for Microsoft 365. And it works well!

HB for full off-site nas backup in DSM 7.1(so, no full NAS backup on block level) proofed unreliable to most of my customers as bandwidth limitation caused the HB jobs to never finish. So without finished jobs there were NO useable backup jobs on the offsite nas.

It has proofen easier to manage if you run a more granular approach combining SSR with HB

Snapshot replication for content. HB for DSM settings.

You can have different snapshot schedules for local and replicated snapshots so you can adjust the upload seize to your bandwidth. When you have to do a failover the SSR on the target becomes accessible within minutes. HB needs to extract the content wich requires space and time on the failover nas.

HB jobs should be small if some applications such as cloud sync or drive are excluded. You can always separate a big HB job in several smaller ones.

Also do replicate AB4M365. ( excellent for backing up SP, Teams and EXO). Just duplicate the job on the 2nd nas. This frees upload bandwith on your office nas

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