Backup Synology 1821+ to a Drobo FS

I have recently set up a Synology DS1821+ to replace my Drobo FS. I would now like to use my old Drobo to back up the DS18212+. I have tried to use HyperBackup, but will not see the Drobo on my network.




So unfortunately I just looked it up and it looks like Drobo FS’s only support AFP and SMB for sharing protocols so I do not think you are going to be able to do it

The two easy ways to backup a Synology to another NAS, both using Hyperbackup. Hyperbackup can easily backup to an rsync server or a webDAV server. You should see if there is any way you can add either one of these to your drobo

Thanks Will,

You’ve confirmed what I found. Its tough now with Drobo no longer supporting their hardware. I think the best solution for me is to get another Synology.

Yeah, unfortunately drobos setup with their NAS units was to just be as simple as possible, which made it easy to use, but hard to adapt