Basic Twingate Question

Noob here with a very basic Twingate question: if I run Twingate from a Docker on my Synology is all web traffic now going through my home network? If I use my browser to go to a website does it go direct, or through my network, or it depends. I am getting hung up on the I “will have access to all the resources on my network”. I want to use Twingate like a VPN and understand that I will have a secure connection to my NAS but what about the other traffic? Any response is welcome including links to Twingate material. Already watched the SpaceRex video several times. Thanks in advance.

So twingate, Tailscale, zerotier, and cloud flair (and all the other ones) work by acting as a bridge, generally for only a single device. Your traffic to the NAS will be sent via twingate, but your traffic to google will not.

Understood. Thank you for the quick response.