Best feature Synology has implemented

What is the best feature that Synology has implemented?

To me it may actually be hyperbackup. I really with TrueNAS would have a similar feature

In my experience, a lot of their software is a bit buggy and seems to ‘offer’ more than it delivers, but I would agree hyperbackup is pretty solid. Remote DS File app is simple and effective when I need a file on the go.

I have also found their photos app to be decent considering they are no Google or Adobe for photo expertise and it’s actually kind of impressive in this regard. I just upgraded to a 1522 and did have to re-do all the facial recognition, but that could have been user error since it was the first time I upgraded. A minor inconvenience considering I don’t have to share my life and photos with FANG to have acceptable search and categorization capabilities.

When it comes to photo migration I have found the exact same thing. I did a hyperbackup of photos, and then restored it on a different box. After doing that it spent a day or two rescanning all of the photos, but after all of the faces had been remapped back into their original people at least. Still really weird.

I just love the combination of ActiveBackup with SnapshotReplication and VirtualMachineManager

Backup a bunch of windows machines with ABB, automatically verify the backup’s integrity in VMM, and send the deduplicated backups to a remote NAS with SSR

Doing this on enterprise level becomes expensive very quickly and/or requires profound IT skills.