Best Way to Backup Android Phone to Synology

My Synology is local only. I cannot access it over the internet.

Part of me wants specific things backed up. But I think there may be a benefit to backing up my whole phone. That way anytime I need something off my phone I can just get it from Synology.

Also if it is two way backup, it could be a powerful way to add and remove files from my phone. (I assume it will backup my SD card as well.)

Thanks guys!

My approach to this is Cloudsync/OneDrive/Device(Windows computer/android/iphone/ipad/Mac)

This approach syncs documents and fils but not spps and app settings. It also requies an offices sibsription that includes Onedrive, Teams or Sharepoint

The onedrive app is widely supported in mobile apps which allows you to acces the content natively in the apps (e.g. pdf editors on telefone)

Onedrive also allows to acces sharepoint and teams document libraries as well as sync of images from mobile device to O365. Also the content of windows dektop and documents folder gets synced. Onedrive does not sync the windows folder “Music” or “Videos” . Simply move both folders inside “Desktop” or “Documents” and rename them to “MP3” / “Movies” and Onedrive does not throw anymore warning messages.

Cloudsync then syncs with the Synology Nas.
You can define on folder level which content goes to which shared folder, e.g. your iphone/android pics to photo station (home/user1/photos)

But especially with apple apps i had to often look for apps that allowed me to save a modified document in the same folder znder a new name.

The most difficult workflow on apple devices turned out to be this:

Employee goes to meeting/construction site and opens meeting.doc/drawing.pdf and takes notes/adds comments. Now he wants to save said file in same folder or subfolder of the original document but with a new name. The output should be 2 separaze files - unmodified original file and modified new file with new name. Easy as it sounds it proofed to be almost impossible on iphone and ipad as they did not offer easily accessible “save as” options. If this was abailable the proposed locations were almost alwaxs the root folder of the local device and not the most recent folder (were the document you are currently editing is located)

In the end none of my customers is using ipads anymore for workflows were office docs and pdfs are to be edited. All were eventually replaced by windows tablets. Mobile phones are 50/50 androids/apple.