Bigger Synology NAS upgrade & 3-2-1 backup setup for Filmmaker

Dear all, dear Will,

I’m a home user with loads of movies (~5tb) but also a filmmaker. I’ve had a DS420+ for a couple of years now. 4x 10tb drives in RAID 10 (just wanted to be a little extra careful not having a true backup). Currently using less than 7tb of data but now also want to save my film projects’ files on the NAS which should be another 15tb. So my needs are 22tb of data. For the time being.

I’m about to get the DS1522+ with 3x18tb drives in SHR-1 and migrate my old DS420+, which I now plan on repurposing as an offsite Hyper Backup in RAID 0 (is this OK or should I go Basic or JBOD instead? Do you think I should have parity to this as well? Just don’t want to lose that additional 10tb…).

What type of Hyper Backup should I go for? Does the new bare metal option offer the choice to exclude a shared folder? In this case, my movies? I would like to Sync those manually instead whenever I have the extra bandwidth to spare. I know this is not true 3-2-1, but I figured since one copy is on site and one off site sync’d manually, there is no real thread of ransomware attack. Am I missing sth?

I also have a Lacie 2big (2x 4gb in RAID 0) connected to my Mac on site, which will be syncing all with DS1522+ via Synology Drive (except for movies and projects). Projects will backup manually on external drives to complete the 3-2-1 for those too (they will already be Hyper Backuped to the DS420+).

In a nutshell:

:: ONSITE ::
DS1522+ <> Lacie (Synology Drive Sync all except movies & projects)
DS1522+ > external drives (projects)
DS1522+ > DS420+ (HyperBackup all except movies & Sync movies)

Do you see any foolishness and/or mistakes with this plan?

Finally, if my Lacie ever crashes, should I replace it with another Synology (3x Synology that Will suggests) to sync all locally automatically and get rid of external drives altogether? And should I do this setting up a 2.5Gb network with switch and adapter or go for a 10Gb setup? My sole computer is a MacBook Pro connected to external monitor etc. when home (don’t plan on changing this in the future). I also edit at times but usually just from fullHD ProRes proxies, not 4K and such.

Looking forward to you answers, your input would be much appreciated!

Thank you,