Binding a service to a specific network interface

I have a DS1621+ and have 2 networks on the 1GB NICs - 192.168.20.x and 172.20.60.x - and a 10 GB NIC with 192.168.30.x.
How do I bind an NFS share to the 10 GB interface? Is this even possible?
Currently the NFS share is on the 192.168.20.x interface - but I want to use the 10 GB interface as this will be used for a datastore for Proxmox Backup Server that I am running as virtual machine on the Synology.
Help or pointers greatly appreciated.

Cheers Steve

I don’t think DSM has the granularity in its file share service to assign specific types of file services to specific NICs. Sounds like a command line issue if it’s at all doable. The most you can do with DSM is to enable NFS service to a specific share folder so any NIC that accesses that folder will be able to do it using NFS.

Is that not good enough? Do you really need to cut off NFS to the other NICs?

So you dont really bind it.

What you do is you hook up the proxmox server NFS connect to the 192.168.30.x IP of the NAS, and allow the proxmox IP in the same .30 subnet access to the NFS share.

To go further you can also just block all NFS traffic on the other two NICs in the firewall rules

Thank you both for your kind assistance. I have changed the /etc/fstab en the Proxmox Backup Server and reconfigured the datastore to use the 10 GB network- there is a prolonged process to initialize the datastore that is still running but I expect to be successful.