Buying a used DS 1815+ -- Need some advice

Any advice – thinking about purchasing this used DS 1815+ – Seller is asking $600

Used 8-bay NAS, no drives, upgraded to 4GB RAM. Recently serviced/refurbished and still in the box from the tech. Can provide pictures for serious inquiries.

I asked him to explain the service a bit more and this was his response…

"Hi there. I am the original owner, this unit was purchased around 5-6 years ago. This was used as a photo archive for a working studio. I recently upgraded to a newer 8-bay unit and took this one out of service. This model was prone to a certain bug that would cause it to not boot anymore. It had to do with a faulty resistor used in manufacturing. The fix was to replace the resistor with a better one and also replace the CMOS battery. I had both of those done, as well as the RAM upgraded to 4GB, and has the unit tested. Everything functions as it should and with this fix, the unit should last for a good while longer.
Let me know if you have any other questions. "

What are your thoughts on purchasing 5-6 year old system? This would be running my primary back-up for my professional photography files…currently have about 40 TBs of data on external harddrives that I will back up on this system.

Do you all think it would be reliable?

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I would completely walk away from this unit.

His statement:

is a lie.

He is referencing the intel Celeron bug. Where a resistor does fix it, but only temperately. He did not actually replace a resistor, but rather added one to get the chip to boot. The issue is that the actually CPU is burned out and the resistor is a bandaid solution that will fail after another year or two.

Either way, a $400 savings for a 7 year only system is not worth it. You are already going to be loosing updates pretty quick.

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Perfect Will, exactly what I was looking for…thank you…