C2 Personal Backup vs C2 Storage

Im new to Synology and confused. Could someone explain the difference between C2 Backup and C2 Storage. I keep all my data files for my Mac programs on my Nas. the only thing on my Mac’s are my Apple photos photolibrary file and a few other folders like downloads and desktop which are all backed up by Time Machine. So should I just keep my Time Machine backups on the Nas and get C2 storage and for go C2 Back up? I was backing up my data to back blaze when I used my Drobo 5D3 but thats not an option with the Nas. I’ m the only one in the house using my Mac Studio , MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. I appreciate all the help I get from this forum and the great videos that Will produces I guess at 72 Im just not retaining what I read like I used :rofl:

Do you have Synology NAS? I think the only way as of this moment to backup to Synology C2 Storage is using Synology NAS via Hyperbackup. Unless other NAS vendor already support Synology C2 Storage.

In regards to Synology C2 backup, it is backing up directly from the an Windows or MAC endpoint and not from other NAS.

Thanks for responding. Yes its a Synology 1522+ and I’m aware now the C2 backup is directly from the Mac. I keep and access all my data files in folders on the Nas. I was considering just backing up the Mac to the Nas and then using C2 Storage for those Mac backups on the Nas along with my data folders if that sounds reasonable.

Ideally one copy locally and another copy remotely. This will give you 3 copies of your files (current, local backup and remote backup).