Can Synology NAS be used on Ubuntu?


I’m going to buy my first NAS. My family operates all known OSes (Ubuntu Linux, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, and iOS) but Ubuntu is the most important for my workflow. Therefore, I’d like to ask: Will everything work on my Ubuntu machines in the same/comparable ways as on Windows? Especially, will files be downloaded on demand?

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DSM is the only OS choice.
However, you can spin up a Ubuntu VM on machines that support VM.

I might not have expressed myself correctly. I don’t want to install Ubuntu on the NAS. I just want to access files/services provided by the NAS on ALL of my machines, including my Ubuntu computers. Is it possible, or is the use of Synology NAS from a Ubuntu computer limited in any way?

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File access should be no problem. For example, I mount my NAS media directories to a Debian installation for streaming, and to a Windows PC, for video editing. Conversely, I can mount my Debian directories to the NAS, via File Station.

I can’t address “services” as that is a very broad topic.

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Synology DSM is a Linux based software. Enable NFS along with SMB. Control Panel > File Service > NFS. This allows your NAS to do file sharing with a Linux distro.

FWIW my experience is that most Linux distros (DSM included) and SMB with ease, and often with greater throughput. I avoid NFS unless my software won’t accommodate SMB.