Cannot Login in To DS220+

So I have a Synology DS220+ and when I go to login I get a site cannot be reached. DS Finder, both the app and the website, finds the NAS but cannot connect. I have Emby running on the NAS and it is working so the NAS works.

Should I do a reset? If so what kind and how do I do that?

Thanks for any help you can give.

How do you connect to the DSM - https://ipadress or https//devicename?
What kind of network setup are you running - basic home network with single IP range or “fancy” stuff like unify controller SDN with VLANs/different networks/firewall rules/…

Baisc network trouble shooting steps to resolve the problem:

First check network:

  • find the IP address of the nas
  • check the ports
  • check DNS (resolves IP address to device name)
    Second check the NAS

Step 1:
IP Address:

  • What kind of net work setup are you running - basic network or some advanced stuff with VLNAs?
  • Did you check if your nas is in the same network as your client device? You can use tools such as Advanced Port Scanner) for windows devices or FING for mobile devices Fing - Look for DSM standard ports 5000 or 5001 or your customized ports if you changed the standard ports
  • Did you try
  • Did you try the Synology Assistant?
  • Someone in your network is very likely providing a DHCP server to assign IP addresses. For home users this is usually the router or some network controller portal (Unify Controller or TP Link OMADA). Login to the server and check if the NAS is connected and use the assigned IP address instead of the devicve name to login to the device
  • on a windows machine open the comand shell [windows + R] → cmd → nslookup
    this show you who is providing DSN service to resolve the device name to IP address
    enter the device name and you should see the same IP address.

If there is any problem with the above you have a network problem that needs to be adressed on your router/network controller.
If the above works without problem that you hav problem with DSM (NIC teaming with LACP on NAS without NIC teaming on swith, time difference between client computer and NAS,…)

Turns out by going to my Synology using a private tab allowed me access to the log in page. I had changed my firewall settings to only allow access from USA and although I was attempting to connect while in the USA it was blocking access.

After gaining access I changed firewall back to previous setting and haven’t had anymore issues.