Cant see package centre

Help required please.

I cant see the Package Centre. Its saying Coonection failed. Please check your network ??

Im directed linked via 10GB wired AND also the synology connected to the internet by wire and I have wireless on my computer too. Do you know why I cant access the Package centre as I need to add packages again after removing vol 1 and now have one vol. called Vol 2/pool and I have assigned my NVMe to this Vol Pool.

After many tests, I ended up taking my 10GBs Lan out or my mac as I knew I have access via 1gb and added a second Lan direct to internet and Bang Packages are open. CAn you tell me why this happened. Is it confused with the 10Gbs ??

Step 1 - check that the network interface with internet connection has [set as standard gatewas] activated
Step 2- check if other apps that require internet - e.g. cloud sync - work

  • they work → you have a network problem outside the nas
  • they do not work → the problem is likle yon your nas
    Step 3 - check if you ou have a firewall that block certain traffic (content filters/threat protetion/geo blocking )

Being located in Germany it worked when disabeling geoblocking for Canada. :flushed: