Carbon Copy Cloner vs HyperBackup with Snapshot

Ok newbie here to a Synology NAS coming from a Drobo DAS. If I understand correctly I can use CCC to run a backup daily with versioning of the data on the NAS to an external drive. I can then take that drive and open it up and read those files on any other Mac on line or off. If I’m understanding correctly using HyperBackup its a proprietary files system that I will need an explore software from Synology to read the files? What are the advantages of the use of either route as far as ease of use and reliability of the backup data ? My old backup system was a simple nightly backup of my Drobo Data files to an external HDD with SuperDuper which will not read or copy Network drives. I appreciate all experiences and opinions on this subject.

As a side note should I continue to use an external HDD on my Mac for Time Machine backups of the Mac files of should I be putting my Time Machine on the Synology NAS ?