Case-sensitive volume format problem

I’m trying to use Carbon Copy Cloner to backup an external SSD drive to my Synology so I can install a larger SSD and then restore back to the larger drive. CCC gives me an error that the source has a case-sensitive volume format but the destination doesn’t. The Synology is formatted as Btrfs.

So when you are copying over to a Synology you almost certainly are using SMB. SMB is a windows protocol that is not case sensitive

Thanks—yes, I’m connected via SMB. Any suggestions on how to do this? I don’t know if I can change the volume format of the source without wiping it.

The big question is does it matter? Do you have any case sensitive files that are going to be effected on there? You may be able to create a disk image in disk utility, copy all of the files to that. Then save that to the NAS.

Good question–not sure about that, though. It’s the Photos Library.photoslibrary package (used by MacOS Photos) and my Lightroom catalog. Not sure if either of those use case-sensitive filenames.