[ChatGPT] It's official ChatGPT can replace me

It’s officially the beginning of the end for me, ChatGPT can now replace me:


Never-mind! We are safe!


I’ve been using ChatGPT v3.5 and 4 a lot the past few weeks and it’s really a game changer for sure.

Yes, sometimes it can spit out some things that aren’t quite right, but it’s all about the prompts your enter and I’m already seeing jobs looking for Prompt Engineers which is insane.

Giving it a prompt as detailed yet explained like to a child will give the most mind blowing output.

The Image Generation, I’m still working on getting my head around that but that’s more that I don’t know a great deal about art lol

Yeah, I really am interested in where this goes from here. Tom Scott had an awesome video on it that I really think summed it up:

I think the technology as it stands today can be useful for people looking for a template or a place to start (or middle schoolers trying to write a paper), but because of the fundamental inaccuracies its not “there” yet.

But if it can get to a place within the next ~5 years where it can authoritatively answer questions and be correct about them I think it will fundamentally change the human race.