Cleaning disks and NAS

After a test how to bring either NAS, the drives or both in a state as if they were new and uninitialized?

I assume that a reset from Control Panel would wipe both NAS and drives.

I could remove the drives first and next reset from Control Panel to only reset the NAS.

But how do I reset the drives but not the NAS? Format as Ext4 from the NAS? Or other options like format from Mac, Windows or Linux. If necessary, I can use the command-line.

I would be happy to read your experiences.

So for the most part the NAS itself does not have any configuration on it. All of the configuration (other than some small metadata) is stored on the actual DSM volume which spans every single drive you plug in.

The easiest way to wipe out the drives would be to remove the storage pool & volume from storage manager. Then if you wanted you could secure erase each drive (though the last drive would have a DSM config on it)

What are you looking to do? If you are just looking to start ‘fresh’ then removing the storage pool will do it for you!

Sometimes I reuse drives from another NAS. Sometimes I like to run tests like with AB4B and Hyper Backup or other tests.

I do this with a NAS (DS923+) that I have for rent/support/testing/experiments. I was not sure where is stored what.

Thanks for the tips. I take it from there and see what I run into.

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Sounds good! Was just checking if you were worried about selling the drives or something!

I usually do a quick format on all the drives on my pc before reusing them just in case somehow something on the drive messed with the NAS I’m putting it in even if those data should be all written over when initializing the drive in the other NAS, plus secure erase takes a very long time.