Connecting a Synology 1821+ to wifi

Hi, I was wondering how to connect my Synology 1821+ nas via wifi instead of Ethernet. I currently have my Nas connected to my wifi router via Ethernet; however, I want to have my Nas just connected via wifi without Ethernet.

I am not familiar with a way to add an (USB) wifi adapter to the NAS. You could use powerline technology, which will bring the network to a nearby power outlet.
I am not sure what motivates you to do so. You must hate cables. Be aware you cripple the performance of your NAS.

You could certainly jury-rig something. For example for $60 you can get a TP-Link - TP- Link RE505X AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender that has a built-in gigabit ethernet port that they say can be used for a computer, printer or 4K HDTV. “Or Synology NAS.”

This allows you to use it as a wifi adapter and as a bonus it will extend you WiFi coverage. Your connection speeds will probably suck but for $60 it’s worth a shot.