Connecting Synology NAS directly to 2 computers?

Hi all!

I have recently purchased a Synology DS1621+ (still is in the box)
I am as wondering if it is possible to directly connect to it 2 difference PCs or whether is better to use a network switch for the purpose?

Thanks for in advance for any help received?


So you can setup two direct connections from the machines to the Synology following these steps:

The one thing will need to do is setup a different static subnet for each one. For example:
First network - (for the synology) (for the computer)
Second network - (for the synology) (for the computer)

but the question is should you. and the answer is probably not unless you are doing 10GbE

I would probably just buy a dirt cheap network switch like this and plug in the following:

  • port 1 - Synology
  • port 2 - computer 1
  • port 3 - computer 2
  • port 4 - your wifi router

The ordering of these ports does not matter, just added for clarity

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thanks for pointing me in the right direction:)

No problem!

Adding the custom networking gets tough quick, its a ton easier just to pickup a cheap network switch

So it is easier to just use the network switch and connect everything to it and then to the NAS?
Instead of connecting 2 pcs directly to it?
Would you be able to point me to a decent 10 be switch?

Thanks again Will, I just read more carefully your previous message, all the Info are there:)

However yes I have purchased the 10 gbe expansions so probably I would look for a 10 gbe switch as One of my pcs has a 10 gbe network card.

So in this case you have two options:

  1. Use the tutorial from my first comment for just the 10 gig PC, (this is the cheapest)
  2. Buy a 10 gig switch. Probably the best one right now (for the price) is this:
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Hi Will,

Sorry to bother you again,I just realized I have a spare NVMe M2, precisely the Samsung 970 EvoPlus, Will it work on my DS1621+?

It seems now synology are only accepting their own hardware but on some forums they say it will work?

Any thoughts?



That will totally work. It will just have to be a SSD cache, rather than a volume. But you can slot it in and set it up as a read only SSD cache