Crashing during files transfer

I’m new to NAS. So I’m learning A LOT this past couple weeks setting it up for the first time. I’m on M2 Max Mac running Ventura 13.5. I just setup my 1821+ with 8x 12TB ironwolfs in SHR-2, ,and added the Synology brand dual 10G SFP+ card. I am using the Unifi 8-Port 10G switch and Sonnet Dual 10G SFP+ to TB3 adapter. I have SMB Multichannel setup and enabled on all devices and am plugged in with 2x 10G FPS+ cables from NAS to Switch and from Switch to Sonnet adapter, and get amazing speed when it’s working.

My problem is when I plug my kingston card reader into my mac, load 6 SD cards into the reader, start transferring each card to it’s own folder on the NAS, after 30 seconds to a minute the network connection crashes and I lose connection with the NAS. I unplug the Sonnet adapter from my Mac and plug it back in and it’s all back to normal. It’s doesn’t seem to happen/crash when doing only 1 transfer. I’ve been using a Thunderbolt G-Raid for years and have always transferred all 6 memory cards at once. I enabled jumbo frames on all devices, checked flow control and enabled it to match the network settings on the mac, I also tried flow control off. I’ve been looking everywhere for possible answers. I saw someone say SMB doesn’t work reliably on mac. What would my other options be? Any ideas? Greatly appreciate your help.

I tried a few more things in the last few hours and just now I disabled wifi on my mac and it seems to be transferring perfect now. Does this sound right? Could that really be the issue? Is there a way to keep wifi on but have it work separately so it doesn’t affect transfes?